A Letter from the Doctor were short narratives written as if by the Doctor or the in-universe actors themselves.

The first letter appeared in the very first issue of Doctor Who Magazine and occasionally thereafter in special issues celebrating milestones in the publication's history.

More recently, "A Letter from the Doctor" was revived for the Annual-style publication, the Doctor Who Storybook. Most of the letters to date have been written by the show's producer and lead writer, Russell T Davies, with the exception of the Doctor Who Storybook 2009, when the letter was written by newly appointed showrunner Steven Moffat.

The letter in the Doctor Who Storybook 2010 — written again by Davies — was different in format from the others, appearing to be the transcription of a garbled transmission from the Doctor. It includes snippets of dialogue from Tenth Doctor TV episodes going back to the incarnation's very first words. Because of this format, it was believed the first words of the letter, "Don't forget me", might have been the last words of the Tenth Doctor in The End of Time; instead, these were his final words to Sarah Jane Smith in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith.


# Title Author Main character
1 DWM 1 Dez Skinn[1] Fourth Doctor
2 DWM 2
3 DWM 3
4 DWM 4
5 DWM 5
6 DWM 6
7 DWM 7
12 DWM 12
8 Storybook 2007 Russell T Davies Tenth Doctor
9 Storybook 2008
10 Storybook 2009 Steven Moffat
11 Storybook 2010 Russell T Davies
12 DWM 464 Peter Capaldi
13 DWM 500