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A Kill to a View was the sixth audio episode of Aliens Among Us and the second story in the second box set. It saw the return of Bilis Manger and introduced Mr Colchester's husband Colin, who was only mentioned previously.

Publisher's summary[]

Ritz Towers is a luxury tower block so exclusive not even aliens can get a place there. Mr Colchester has somehow secured a flat at the Ritz. With the streets increasingly troubled, his husband feels safe there. The problem is that Ritz Towers is anything but safe.

For a start, the building has more tenants than it has flats. Then there are the endless dinner parties. The whole new definition of upwardly mobile. And finally, there is the very mysterious caretaker.


In Ritz Tower, Sandra and Andrea host a dinner party at their flat with Rowan and Poppy Briley. Whilst Rowan and Poppy compliment the flat, Sandra and Andrea tell them that they wanted a flat that faced the Bay. They kill the Brileys with a knife and the shards of a plate before the caretaker arrives. Colin meets him in the morning after collecting his and Mr Colchester's post, also experiencing racism from Patricia Campbell when she asked where he was "originally" from.

Later, Rhys drops by the flat to meet Colin and suggests that they drink alcohol, not realising that Colin was a Muslim. Rhys receives a text message from Anwen's babysitter and leaves, bumping into Bilis in the hallway and asking if they had met. Colin calls his husband about dinner, but Mr Colchester is busy beheading something. He answers the door and is invited to a dinner at Flat 32 by Patricia, which he said he would bring up with Mr Colchester.

At the Hub, Mr Colchester and Jack Harkness discuss the death of Zaheed Shah in a car bombing and speculate that he was a Sorvix killed by Red Doors or a human killed by the Sorvix or racists. Mr Colchester invites Jack to join him at Shah's autopsy later that day and discuss Colin and Ritz Tower. He calls Colin, who meets Bilis again when he arrives to take pictures of the flat for a brochure. The two talk about the current state of Cardiff and the rise in hate crimes. Meanwhile, Mr Colchester and Orr continue looking into Shah, having identified him as a human unknown to the Sorvix.

In bed, Mr Colchester tries to convince Colin to get out more and perhaps join a mosque, but he refuses out of fear. They agree to go to dinner with Patricia and choose "St John" as a safeword for if they ever want to leave a dinner party. They hear the strange noise that happened after the Brileys were killed. The next day, Colin learns from Bilis that Patricia has died. Mr Colchester is approached by Tyler on the way to the Hub and, after he mentions Colin, Shah and Ritz Tower, allows him into the Torchwood headquarters. Tyler tells him that Ritz Tower is the only building not owned by the Sorvix and that its residents were being killed, as well as that Shah had been wiped from all documents concerning the building.

Colin meets Bilis and Duncan in the hallway and is encouraged by the caretaker to join Duncan for dinner, but Amber insists on joining Duncan instead. The next morning, the Colchester-Prices see Bilis and Duncan transporting large boxes out of the building. After Mr Colchester left, Colin agreed to a dinner party with Sandra and Andrea, who asked to use him as an excuse not to attend parties with others. At the Hub, Mr Colchester asks Tyler to look into Bilis and left with Jack and Orr to help Andy deal with a Sorvix hostage situation, calling Colin to apologise for not being able to be home on time for dinner.

Sandra and Andrea arrive at the flat to help Colin cook and are joined by Bilis. Jack identifies Bilis as a greater threat than the Sorvix upon learning that he is Mr Colchester's caretaker and changes his route to Ritz Tower. Upon arriving, Orr begins to transform in an attempt to meet the building's desires, prompting Mr Colchester to tell Jack to go with them to the hostage situation whilst he saves Colin. He joins the party and takes Bilis onto the balcony where he is told that the only way for Colin to remain safe and happy in the tower would be to "prevail". He then takes Colin to one side and uses the safe word, after which Sandra and Andrea attack and Mr Colchester is stabbed. They both flee.

Mr Colchester tells Colin to run downstairs, but Duncan shoots and tells them that he has to keep them from escaping in order to stay. The couple run upstairs with Sandra and Andrea giving chase, Mr Colchester telling Colin to hide on the roof whilst he led them to the penthouse. There, he encounters Bilis, who calls Andrea one of his "best hunters". Mr Colchester easily breaks her neck and heads to the roof, where Colin has been cut by Sandra. Mr Colchester throws her off the roof to her death, telling her that he had killed her wife.

The Colchester-Prices hear the same strange noise before Mr Colchester called for a helicopter. The Rift opens and Bilis sends a message to whomever the Sorvix came to Cardiff to escape, having used the aggression of the killings to gather energy. He leaves, his mission complete, and Colin and Mr Colchester wait for the ambulance.