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A Ghost Story for Christmas is the title of a three-minute webisode uploaded to the BBC Doctor Who Adventure Calendar website on 24 December 2009. Narrated by John Barrowman in-character as Jack Harkness, the mini-story tells of the Weeping Angels and depicts their abduction of a young woman named Julia Hardwick.

The actual title of the story is not presented on screen. This title is the one given on the original website.


Jack Harkness narrates an account of the Weeping Angels and their origin, as a young woman named Julia Hardwick examines clues suggesting that she, in her future, would find herself living in the 1880s under the name Julia Baker. Julia's investigations eventually lead her to a cemetery where, moments after finding a gravestone reading "Julia Baker: 1987-1949", a Weeping Angel reaches to touch her.



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Music list[]

  • "Freefall" by Helen Jane Long, Album: Piano & Featured Piano ANW 1429
  • "Ashes to Ashes" by Christopher Slaski, Album: Conflict, Filmic, Historical ANW 1082


  • Jack implicitly refers to his immortality when thinking on how much energy the Weeping Angels would get from him.

Story notes[]

  • This is a sequel of sorts to the television story Blink by Steven Moffat. Footage from Blink featuring Sally Sparrow, Kathy Nightingale, the Weeping Angels and the Tenth Doctor is incorporated.
  • The webisode is presented in a similar format to Captain Jack's Monster Files, but with original footage of the character Julia Hardwick added. It is generally considered to be an instalment of the Monster Files, but stands apart from the rest of the series, with no reference made to it being part of the Monster Files. In particular, unlike other Monster Files instalments, the webisode contains no footage of Captain Jack.
  • The identity of the narrator as Captain Jack is only established when he makes a joke about how the Angels would handle his immortality.
  • Julia's original last name is visible in a newspaper article shown on screen; her later name appears on a tombstone.
  • Like the other videos created for Captain Jack's Monster Files, this clip was technically viewable only from within the UK, though it immediately was reposted to other video sharing sites.
  • Despite its title, the story makes no reference to Christmas — or to ghosts — whatsoever.
    • The title does, however, reference the BBC's Ghost Story for Christmas thriller anthology, which adapted ghostly literary pieces for TV in the 1970s, such as The Signal Man.

Filming locations[]

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Production errors[]

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Home video releases[]

No home video release has been announced as yet. As of 2020 none of the Captain Jack's Monster Files instalments have received home video release.

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