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A Farewell to Arms was the fifth story of The Book of the Peace, written by Nate Bumber.


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  • Huxley purchased the Plume Coteries diplomatic craft from Yvleperal's allies.
  • Nezf is a Daktili.
  • T was a member of House Dvora.


  • This story was a sequel to a story by the same author, but from a fan anthology and thus not considered valid by this wiki. Furthermore, a certain character from this story was named in tribute to said anthology.
  • Some aspects of T's appearance resemble that of a Dalek. In March 2018, Nate Bumber made a post on his tumblr highlighting the line "Who can tell the difference anymore [between Daleks and Time Lords]?" from The Night of the Doctor and the visual similarities between some War-time Homeworlders and Daleks.[1]
  • The Houses' great eye being described as having an "amaranthine shine" is wordplay involving the colour amaranth and the concept of Amaranths introduced in PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet.
  • The story was accompanied in the author-curated Spotify playlist by the songs Let's Go Away for Awhile by The Beach Boys, Thought Contagion by Muse, and Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room by Angelo Badalamenti.[1]