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A Dalek Awakens was the second Doctor Who-themed "escape room" game developed by Escape Hunt.[1] It was later revealed to be the first story released as part of the Time Lord Victorious event. It operated in Reading, Birmingham, Norwich and Cheltenham.


The Doctor needs you: A rogue Dalek, a spaceship on the verge of destruction and an impossible choice…

Step on board a doomed spaceship, where a rogue Dalek has tapped into the power system, in an attempt to recharge its weapons. Should the Doctor’s most feared enemy be successful, it will exterminate all in its path.

You, the Doctor’s friends, must prevent this catastrophe. Shutting down the ship’s power core will ensure the Dalek cannot activate its weapons. However, the ship’s life support systems rely on the same energy source, meaning that shutting down the power would result in the death of all 10,000 passengers.

You have just 60 minutes to find a way out of this impossible situation. You must defeat the Dalek to allow the spaceship to continue safely on its journey. Take too long and your destination will be extermination!


2-6 crew members board the ship, where they are faced with a Dalek, seemingly damaged and rebuilding. They are contacted by the Thirteenth Doctor, who instructs them of their mission: to make the ship's life support systems independent from the power core, and stop the Dalek fully waking up.

After staying stationary to avoid the Dalek's motion-activated vision, the crew set about re-engaging the ship's systems such as oxygen generators, navigation, water producers and artificial gravity. These are achieved by attaching power cores, cross-breeding plants, mixing compatible biological samples, charging a magnetic core and navigating the craft through space.

Ultimately, once the teleportation systems are online, the Doctor uses them to send a fez at first, mistakenly, and then her sonic screwdriver. Using this seems to stun the Dalek, until it engages the final phase of its plan. However, by inserting their identity cards into the correct slots in the ship's defense mechanisms, the crew members defeat the Dalek once and for all.



  • One of the plant samples used for cross-breeding is suggested to be a relative of the Rakweed.
  • Samples in the water generation puzzle reference races such as the Sontarans, Zygons, and Silurians.


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