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A Clockwork Iris was a 2017 Iris Wildthyme short story anthology.

Publisher's summary[]

The multiverse can be viewed – not terribly accurately, it's true – as a mirror smashed into an infinite number of fragments.

No surprise then that, at one moment in time and in one such fragment, there resided that renowned transtemporal aviatrix, Ms Iris Wildthyme, along with her friend and drinking companion, Clockwork Panda. In a universe filled with brass and copper, where the skies are full of zeppelins, and where thick goggles are, for some reason, very much in fashion, they live their lives in a bright red airship, the number 22 to Putney Aerodrome.

These are their adventures...


Title Author
Flasket Brinner and the Clockwork Heart Stuart Douglas
The Woman Who Sold the Moon Aaron Starum
The Story Sorters Paul Driscoll
Being Christopher Bryant
Iris and the Dame Matthew Bright
Petite Fours, Petite Mort Mark A. Latham
Panda and the Airship John Alice
Rattus Erectus Ian C Douglas
Tik, Tak. Snick, Snack Jenna Burtonshaw
Timepeace Simon A Brett
Parsley Sage, Rosemary and Wildthyme Jon DeCles
Another Clockwork Iris Liesel Schwarz


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