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A Christmas Story was the first Christmas story set in the Doctor Who universe. It first appeared in the 1965 Christmas season. It would later be one of the few TV Comic stories reprinted in Doctor Who Classic Comics and was even the subject of the cover to the issue in which it appeared.


Dr. Who, John and Gillian visit the Christmas-land to which Santa Claus has moved his workshop from the North Pole, where it was apparently "very noisy... all those aircraft and things", as Santa himself explains. They find that Santa's toy production is way behind, due to his having received many letters from children wanting a model TARDIS for Christmas, as well having been hampered by an impish being calling himself, variously, the Demon Magician and the "Magician of the Forest". Having seen a demonstration of the Doctor's "magic box", one of the functions of which is a toy duplicator, Santa asks the Doctor to help make the TARDIS models (which are never seen, only mentioned) and ward off the Demon Magician in order to save Christmas for the children of the world. The three time travellers eventually thwart the Demon Magician with the help of the Doctor's "magic box". After they send the creature into space, far away from Santa's workshop, they decide to leave in the TARDIS. In gratitude, Santa lights up the sky with a huge message whilst on his rounds: HAPPY JOURNEY TO TARDIS.



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