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A Call from the Master was a story that was broadcast on Saturday Superstore in 1985, to tie-in with The Mark of the Rani. It featured an in-character cameo appearance by Anthony Ainley as the Master.


Sixth Doctor and Nicola Bryant are answering questions from callers on Saturday Superstore, until The Master is on the line...


On Saturday Superstore, Nicola Bryant from Wrexham calls in to ask "the other" Nicola Bryant about why she chose to be an actress.

After the call concludes, Mike Read alerts them that an individual known as The Master is on the line. He proclaims that "[he] is the Master, and you will obey [him]", but the Doctor is taken aback as he, or rather, we, had previously watched the Master die. The Master tells him that he would "come from the depths of hell" to haunt the Doctor, and he replies succinctly that the Master can't, as he's dead. The Master laughs, but Nicola reaffirms that she saw him die - the Master casts doubts on this however. He then challenges the Doctor to settle things once and for all, to final decide their feud. The Doctor embraces the challenge, but the Master only laughs and hangs up. Mike wonders where the Master came from as a robot shakes his head.




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Story notes[]

  • While they are in-costume as their characters, they both act in-character and not at the same time; Colin Baker is addressed as the Doctor, but also acts like Colin Baker. Similarly, Nicola is referred to as "the other Nicola" but appears to have the memories of both Peri and herself. In contrast, Ainley's cameo is entirely in-character.
  • This story was made to tie-in with the Master's return in TV: The Mark of the Rani, almost a month later.