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A Boy's Tale was the fifth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Companions. It was written by Gary Russell. It featured Adric.


Adric is writing a letter to K9, whom he misses. He tells K9 about a dream he had of a real incident that happened to him on Alzarius.

One day Adric is doing lessons and is stumped by a question. There is a picture on his screen that he does not recognise. He finds out it is a dog, and is intrigued enough to find out more. His research leads him to ask his friend Zayn's mother about dogs. She tells him that most of the dogs on Alzarius were killed by the Torris Plague, and the rest were hunted down and killed to prevent their spreading the disease, which had mutated and begun affecting the Alzarians.

Adric and Zayn go to the Starliner, where he looks up information on dogs and pets. Decider Draith finds them there but allows them to continue. Adric bumps into a woman named Máire.

Back at home Adric receives a message on his screen. It is from Máire, who asks him to meet her because of his interest in dogs. He meets her at the , and she takes him outside the settlement. They encounter Draith on the way, but he makes no objection to Adric leaving. Máire introduces Adric to Lok, and they bring two dogs to him. He holds a dog and is told that he may come back to visit them again.

When Adric gets close to home, he sees that Deciders Nefred and Tannek, some scientists, Zayn and his mother, and Adric's parents are waiting for him. Zayn gives him a serious look, and Adric sneaks away. He encounters Draith, who tells him not to tell anyone what he saw tonight. He also tells Adric that his destiny lies elsewhere, not on Alzarius.

For the next few seasons, Adric continues to visit Máire, Lok, and the dogs, until he leaves Alzarius with the Fourth Doctor.




  • This story is told as a letter Adric is writing to K9 about an experience he had on Alzarius.