9 to 5 was the third and final story in Machines.

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It's Monday morning. Stacey loves Mondays. Stacey loves every day. Stacey lives to work. She's a temp and she loves it. Only there's a man in the coffee queue who has a terrible warning for her. Stacey is going to die today.

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Continuity Edit

  • The temp workers were created with technology from the Brett Archive salvaged by Blind Summit. (AUDIO: Blind Summit)
  • WOTAN is still saying, "Yvonne Hartman is required." Yvonne is still calling WOTAN "Will". (AUDIO: The Law Machines)
  • Ianto briefly loses faith in Yvonne at the end of the story, much as he later would with Jack Harkness. (TV: Cyberwoman, AUDIO: Broken)

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