The 8687 was the name of the bar where Tegan Jovanka celebrated her 46th birthday on 22 September 2006. The Fifth Doctor attended, where he was finally reconnected with Tegan after 22 years from her perspective.

The Doctor found out that his next incarnation would be involved with Katherine Chambers — who tried to convert Tegan at her party — at an earlier stage in her life, but that he would not remember her. He therefore gave System an order to remind his sixth incarnation of the incident to prevent the death of Kathy's brother Nathaniel, by reminding him of the bar where he reunited with Tegan — 8687. (AUDIO: The Gathering)

There were many occurrences of the number during the Sixth Doctor's adventure on 24 September 1984. These included:

  • Dominique van Gysegham said during the journey to the police station that the death of her husband "must have been, 8, 6, 8, 7 years ago".
  • Kathy said to Peri Brown, for no apparent reason, "8687".
  • Daniel Woods said while crying, "8687".
  • Janine Foster said to her daughter Peri, "When were you planning on coming back? 1986, '87?"
  • Woods fit into a series of sentences the numbers 8, 6, 8 and 7.

However, despite him wondering what the string of numbers meant, the "8687" clue unfortunately did not jog the Sixth Doctor's memory. (AUDIO: The Reaping)

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