8.46 was a The Lucy Wilson Mysteries short story released by Candy Jar Books freely on their website in response to the death of George Floyd and protests that followed in 2020.

Both the story's title and the timeframe of eight minutes and forty-six seconds that Lucy and Hobo spend travelling through the past, are a poignant reference to the amount of time that it reportedly took Floyd to die after being restrained, with the number also becoming a slogan for the ensuing protests in the real world.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

It's 2020 and Lucy Wilson has just witnessed the death of George Floyd, followed by the toppling of the Edward Colston statue in Bristol.

Over eight minutes and forty-six seconds, Lucy and Hobo travel through time to discover why the past still has lessons to teach us all.

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  • Candy Jar Books made a special press release for this "departure from the standard Lucy Wilson tale". It included this statement from the editor:

Lucy Wilson is a not only a lead female character (which there are very few), but also a person of colour. I felt it would be a dereliction of duty to not cover this topic. I also wanted the story to feel authentic so, through a mutual friend, I contacted the wonderful Julia Press Simmons.Shaun Russell

And this quote from the author:

When Shaun at Candy Jar asked me to work on this story I was so pleased. Lucy Wilson is an amazing character and I am honoured and humbled to play a small part in her universe ... I must admit that initially I struggled with the tone of this project. Lucy is such a marvellous role model for children and I wanted her story to capture my personal experiences while keeping it age-appropriate. Although BAME life in the UK is different from the African American experience I felt that there was enough commonality for me to tell this tale.Julia Press Simmon

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