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7 September 1752 was the fifth day purchased by Faction Paradox through the Gregorian Compact for their Eleven-Day Empire. (PROSE: Interference, The Book of the War)

In 1940, the Blitz, Nazi Germany's strategic bombing campaign against the United Kingdom, began. (PROSE: A History of Humankind)

In 1952, the TARDIS arrived on Ivy Lee, a moving train holding two passengers on official government business. Hayman, an individual of a prehistoric Earth species, possessed Evelyn Smythe and got a hold of Trevor Ridgely's "doodles", actually pages very important to Earth's history. His sketches would later inspire the building of spacecraft and enable humankind to travel past their own solar system. The creature, not wanting the humans ever to reach the stars, attempted to dispose of the documents, but was intercepted by the Sixth Doctor. The Doctor then set the course for 16 January 2197, and left with the now unpossessed Evelyn to defeat the enemy once and for all. He instead landed two months later, in March. (AUDIO: The Nowhere Place)

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