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7 November was notable for a number of highly varied events on Earth and its parallels.

In 1917, the October Revolution took place in Russia. (AUDIO: Thin Ice) Sasha told the Eighth Doctor that his brother had been killed in the October Revolution. (PROSE: History 101)

In 1967, the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Markus Creevy and Lt. Raina Kerenskaya attended the ceremony in Red Square in Moscow marking the fiftieth anniversary of the October Revolution, where they saw Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova, the first person and the first woman in space respectively, on the podium. The Doctor explained to Ace that the celebration of the October Revolution was held in November as Russia was still using the Julian calendar, which was eleven days behind the Gregorian calendar, in 1917. (AUDIO: Thin Ice)

On the same day, Raine Creevy was born in Moscow. She was delivered by the Seventh Doctor. (AUDIO: Thin Ice)

In 1987, Pete Tyler, the father of Rose Tyler, was killed when he was struck by a car while crossing Jordan Road to go attend the wedding of Sarah Clark and Stuart Hoskins. This event was witnessed by an older Rose and the Ninth Doctor. Initially, Pete died alone before help could arrive. Rose created an alternative timeline by preventing him from being killed, which resulted in a dangerous paradox. After spending some time with his now-grown daughter, Pete learnt that for time to have continued normally, he must have died, so he ran in front of the same car. This time Rose was with him when he died. The fabric of time was altered so that the record showed Pete died while an unidentified woman knelt beside him. (TV: Father's Day)

In 2009, the Ealing Echo reported on Martin Trueman's mass-hypnosis the day previous. Luke Smith declared that he was glad he didn't have a birthday, and declared this day as the day they'll celebrate from then on. Sarah Jane Smith promised that he'd get presents and cards, eat cake and have a party — whatever he wanted. (TV: Secrets of the Stars)

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