Timeline for 7883
79th century

By 7883, the religious war between the humans and the Cyrenes had been going on for 33 years.

Iris Wildthyme and Panda landed in the human battleship Anathema and encountered some of Iris' old friends. However, decades of fighting the Cyrene had made them much more ruthless and uncaring than the people that Iris had known. They saw their old friend as an asset in war and forced her to take them to the Cyrene Queenship in her Celestial Omnibus.

The attack on the Queenship failed due to one sergeant secretly being a Cyrene in a humaniform body-suit, but the humans still found some success by making the observation that the Cyrenes found Panda cute. Realising that Panda's cuteness activated the Cyrenes dormant parental instincts, Doctor Billy Zero created a robotic duplicate of Panda with a nuclear bomb hidden inside. Iris removed the bomb from the pandroid before it could be deposited onto a Cyrene ship.

When the harmless pandroid was found by the Cyrenes, they quickly reverse-engineered it and produced many copies. As the pandroids became popular among the Cyrenes, a few were captured by the humans, and they quickly became popular among them as well. The humans and the Cyrenes bonded over the pandroids and both races attended a PANDACON on Gongen, putting an end to their war. (PROSE: Battleship Anathema)
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