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6 March 2005 was the date on which Rose Tyler supposedly went missing.

In 2006, the Ninth Doctor returned Rose to her home in London, a year later than intended. Rose learned that her mother, Jackie Tyler, had been searching for her ever since she left with the Doctor. Big Ben was side-swiped by a UFO which crashed into the Thames. (TV: Aliens of London) Many people witnessed the crash, including Elton Pope, (TV: Love & Monsters) but it was later covered up as a hoax. (TV: World War Three) An "alien astronaut" from the UFO was taken to Albion Hospital, where the Doctor and Toshiko Sato examined it. "Doctor" Sato was working undercover for Torchwood Three, covering for Owen Harper, who was hungover on his first week working for Torchwood. (TV: Aliens of London, Exit Wounds) Most of the Earth's leading experts on aliens were killed by the Slitheen, who had orchestrated the crash, as was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (TV: Aliens of London)

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