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On '''6 June''' [[1944]], the [[Allies]] staged the [[Normandy landings]] to invade mainland [[Europe]]. ([[PROSE]]: ''[[The Taint (novel)|The Taint]]'') [[Stephen Mulryne]], who later became the [[Britain|British]] [[Minister of Defence]], participated in the invasion. ([[AUDIO]]: ''[[1963: The Assassination Games (audio story)|1963: The Assassination Games]]'')
== Behind the scenes ==
In [[2001]], [[Belial (The Book of the War)|William Crow Dog]] was born in the [[Pine Ridge Reservation]] [[hospital]] at roughly ten in the morning. ([[PROSE]]: ''[[The Book of the War (novel)|The Book of the War]]'')
* [[1920]] - Actor [[Aubrey Richards]] was born.
* [[1930]] - Actor [[Jeremy Wilkin]] was born.
* [[1945]] - Actor [[Derek Crewe]] was born.
* [[1958]] - Actor [[Danny Webb]] was born.
* [[1964]] - "[[The Bride of Sacrifice]]" was first broadcast on [[BBC1]].
* [[1970]] - Episode five of ''[[Inferno (TV story)|Inferno]]'' was first broadcast on [[BBC1]].
* [[1971]] - Actor [[Rob David]] was born.
* [[1983]] - Actress [[Gemma Bissix]] was born.
* [[1987]] - Actor [[Fulton Mackay]] died.
* [[2002]] - Actor [[Desmond Cullum-Jones]] died.
* [[2006]] - ''[[Revelation of the Daleks]]'' was released on [[Region 1]] [[DVD]].
* [[2006]] - ''[[Genesis of the Daleks]]'' was released on [[Region 1]] [[DVD]].
* [[2007]] - Filming for ''[[Sarah Jane Adventures]]'' TV story ''[[Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (TV story)|Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?]]'' continued in [[Penarth]]. Amongst others, they filmed the scene where [[Maria Jackson]] meets a young [[Sarah Jane]] and the one where that young Sarah Jane died instead of [[Andrea Yates]].
* [[2008]] - Filming for ''Sarah Jane Adventures'' TV story ''[[The Mark of the Berserker (TV story)|The Mark of the Berserker]]'' continued in [[Cardiff]], including a scene with [[Paul Langer|Paul]] and [[Clyde Langer]] at {{w|Victoria Park, Cardiff|Victoria Park}}.
* 2007 - ''[[Survival]]'' was released on [[Region 4]] [[DVD]].
* [[2008]] - ''[[The Ultimate Adventure (audio story)|The Ultimate Adventure]]'' finished recording.
* [[2012]] - Filming for ''[[Pond Life (webcast)|Pond Life]]'' and ''[[The Power of Three (TV story)|The Power of Three]]'' continued in Penarth, more specifically [[7 Church Road]], standing in for [[Amy and Rory's house (The God Complex)|Amy and Rory's house]].
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{{#ifeq:{{PAGENAME}}|6 June|{{cat|Days of the year}}{{cat|DWU days}}{{DateSort}}|}}

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On 6 June 1944, the Allies staged the Normandy landings to invade mainland Europe. (PROSE: The Taint) Stephen Mulryne, who later became the British Minister of Defence, participated in the invasion. (AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games)

In 2001, William Crow Dog was born in the Pine Ridge Reservation hospital at roughly ten in the morning. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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