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On 5 November 1605, Guy Fawkes attempted to bomb Parliament as part of the Gunpowder Plot. His failure was later celebrated in Britain as Bonfire Night on 5 November each year. (PROSE: The Plotters, GAME: The Gunpowder Plot, PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en, TV: Galaxy 4, TV: Sky; AUDIO: The Devil's Armada)

The Eleventh Doctor attended a Bonfire Night with Louie Rollins and Millie Peterson, when the effigies of Fawkes that were to be burned were animated by an alien force. (PROSE: The Night After Hallowe'en)

In 1854, the Battle of Inkerman was fought as part of the Crimean War. (AUDIO: The Angel of Scutari) Mollie Dawson's uncle was killed in the battle. (TV: The Evil of the Daleks) Nathaniel Whitlock's father also fought in the battle. (AUDIO: Moonflesh)

According to a 28 December The Times article, a huge circular symbol with an 'R' in it appeared on the Great Pyramid of Giza overnight in 1967. While the Egyptian government blamed the Israelis, this act of vandalism was actually caused by Jean-Pierre Rex using his Om-Tsor powers. (PROSE: Revolution Man)

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