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5 March 2005 was the date of a major Auton invasion, centred in London, (TV: Rose) but also extending at least as far as Cardiff. The invasion would subsequently be covered up as a "terrorist attack". (AUDIO: One Rule)

After her first encounter with him the day before, Rose Tyler investigated the identity of the Ninth Doctor, talking to conspiracy theorist Clive Finch about his website on the Doctor at Rose's boyfriend, Mickey Smith, was abducted by Autons and replaced with an Auton duplicate. Using the head of this Auton, the Doctor tracked the Nestene Consciousness' signal to the London Eye. It had been rendered a scavenger without protein planets by a war the Doctor fought in. Rose rescued Mickey (and later, the Doctor) and destroyed the Consciousness with anti-plastic. She joined the Doctor on his travels. (TV: Rose)

During this commotion, Cardiff's city centre was brought to its knees; Barry Jackson used the Auton "terrorist attack", which reached beyond just London, as a cover for his murder of the Lord Mayor of Cardiff, Roy Llewellyn. (AUDIO: One Rule)

Clive Finch was killed by the Autons as they assaulted London. (TV: Rose, Aliens of London) Elton Pope was out shopping in the city centre at the time, and survived the incident. (TV: Love & Monsters)

Ellie Oswald died the same day as the attack, at the age of 44. Ellie was the wife of Dave Oswald and mother of Clara Oswald, companion to the Eleventh Doctor, as well as the Twelfth. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten, Deep Breath) The Eleventh Doctor later observed her funeral from afar. (TV: The Rings of Akhaten)

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