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On 5 June 5968, there was a peace conference on Florana between humanity and the Chelonian Empire. The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrived at the same time. The Doctor was mistaken as one of the delegates, and Sarah went to go sunbathing. There, she overheard two Chelonians discussing how one had poisoned the emperor's drink. Sarah went to warn the delegates, but the guards would not let her pass. The Doctor noticed the emperor's strange actions and poured a bucket of water down the emperor's throat, thus removing the poison. Changing out of his now-ruined shirt, the Doctor and Sarah left Florana again to return to Earth. (PROSE: The Hungry Bomb)

In 1866, the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield encountered Sir Charles Westbrooke and his reanimated experimental subjects. (PROSE: The Age of Ambition)

In 1994, Clyde Langer was born. (TV: Secrets of the Stars, The Mark of the Berserker)

In 2014, the Fourth Doctor and Leela encountered the Stormcrow and the No Things on St Alban. (AUDIO: Night of the Stormcrow)

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