Timeline for 5,000,000,000
Far future

The year 5000000000 was also known as 5.5/Apple/26. (TV: The End of the World)

Major events

In the year 5,000,000,000, the sun expanded and the Earth was finally destroyed. The sun had been prevented from expanding by the National Trust. However, when their money ran out, nature was left to take its course. The destruction of the Earth was witnessed by some of the richest figures in many galaxies. They assembled on Platform One for the historic event. (TV: The End of the World)

Some centuries following the destruction of the Earth, a revival movement arose among the human populations of the known galaxies, who became nostalgic for their lost home. When they found a planet which was the same size, same gravity, with the same atmosphere and similar orbit around its star in Galaxy M87, they colonised it, naming it New Earth. (TV: New Earth)

In the course of this year, some of Agatha Christie's books were published again. A reprint of one, Death in the Clouds from 1935, was obtained by the Doctor and kept in a chest in the Doctor's TARDIS. The existence of the book also established that print media remained viable in this time, though whether as an ongoing concern or for its "ancient" value is unknown. (TV: The Unicorn and the Wasp)

Around this time, the Chelonians controlled several breeding planets. One was destroyed by Natalie Sharrocks when she was possessed by an incorporeal entity. (PROSE: The Body Bank)

The Doctor encountered Montodon Slemm. (COMIC: Growing Terror).

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