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On 4 May 1536, the Sixth Doctor and Peri Brown visited the court of King Henry VIII of England. They met Anne Boleyn shortly before her execution on 19 May. (AUDIO: Recorded Time)

While in the Land of Fiction, Lemuel Gulliver told the Second Doctor that he set sail from Bristol on 4 May 1699. As the Doctor soon discovered, though, he was actually quoting Gulliver's Travels, the book from where he originated. (TV: The Mind Robber)

In 1988, Captain Therése Gavalle first encountered Tko-Ma on the island of Réunion. He erased her memory of their encounter, but implanted a trigger word in her mind. When she heard that word, Njah-Ma, she would become his mind controlled servant. She disappeared after that, turning up in 1991 at an airport in Nice, not knowing what had happened to her in the interim. (PROSE: Instruments of Darkness)

The Eleventh Doctor arrived in 2010 and stopped Cybermen from awakening. He blew up their base and returned them to stasis. (GAME: Blood of the Cybermen)

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