A five-year-old Grunt labelled 474 was assigned to a rescue crew in the 38th century.

While on the mission, Osamu Aimi-Chopra, another member of the crew, fell under 474's fancy, and she stayed with Chopra even when they became separated from the rest of the crew. Cornered between attacking Sandmen and a fire, 474 knocked out Chopra and carried him through the fire to safety, seriously injuring 474 in the process. She fought off the Sandmen after telling Chopra to go but was killed in the process. (TV: Sleep No More)

Personality Edit

474, like all Grunts, had a tendency to leave words out of her sentences, and use the incorrect form of a word, such as "anger" in place of "angry", much to the irritation of the other soldiers.

Despite the others repeatedly claiming that Grunts possessed limited intelligence and were downright stupid, 474 was the first one to notice that they were being constantly spied upon by an unknown party which turned out to be the dust that made up the Sandmen. She was also the first one to notice that one of the Morpheus Pods was not empty and was occupied by Gagan Rasmussen.

474 also proved capable of affection and was especially loyal to Chopra, whom she fancied, despite his constant rejection. She eventually gave her life to save him. (TV: Sleep No More)

Abilities Edit

474, like all Grunts, was gifted with a superhuman level of physical strength and was easily capable of holding her own against multiple Sandmen in direct combat, though they eventually overwhelmed her with their sheer numbers. She could effortlessly subdue a normal human, slam a door shut or carry a person on her shoulders. She was also highly durable, being able to walk through a fire without suffering any injuries. (TV: Sleep No More)

Behind the scenes Edit

Despite being played by Bethany Black, a transgender actress, the character of 474 is identified as a cisgender woman in DWM 493. As Black told Doctor Who Magazine:

That's where we're making history. Andy Pryor texted me within 24 hours of the press release going out. He went, 'A lot of stuff's being said in the press. I just want you to know that we chose you because you were the best person for the part. Whatever anyone in the press is saying, that's the reason we chose you.'Bethany Black, DWM 493

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