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Years of interest

        The 46th century saw advancements in cloning technology, with clonodating being considered "cutting-edge".

        The Vatican was still a significant power. One Pope of this era was a clone grown from the DNA taken from one of St Peter's fingernails. N-v23 once tried to steal the Turin Shroud from the Vatican.

        Legends of Bernice Summerfield existed into this century; although by this time, they were vague and contradictory. An archaeological expedition to discover Summerfield's remains was undertaken by Stev Grayson, Kent, Gould, and N-v23. An elderly Bernice Summerfield joined this expedition without any of the others realising her true identity. (PROSE: Paydirt)

        The Daleks made an attempt to free Davros in 4590. (PROSE: Resurrection of the Daleks)

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