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Years of interest

By the end of the 40th century, the Space Security Service existed, with a mission to control alien threats in the solar system, and its headquarters in Central City on Earth. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan)

Gravity force as a source of energy had been abandoned for centuries by the human race. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan) Oil was still used though, and since the Earth had been drained of it, corporations like Oil Corp went looking for it on other planets. (TV: The Infinite Quest)

Space piracy was common at this period. (PROSE: The Pirate Loop)

In this century, Foamasi of the Dark Peaks Lodge used the voices of Chelonian politicians of this century for their voice synthesisers. (PROSE: Placebo Effect)

The beginning of the century saw the New Dalek Paradigm begin a war against humanity, overlapping their past inactivity and subsequent attempted invasion of the solar system. (TV: Mission to the Unknown) The war was fought throughout the century and continued into the next. (COMIC: The Only Good Dalek)

By the latter part of the century, the Third Imperial Consortium was a major power in Mutter's Spiral. It was ruled by an emperor. (AUDIO: Last of the Colophon)

Baltazar destroyed Earth's Defence Forces, but his warship was destroyed before he could assault the planet. (TV: The Infinite Quest)

The Mantasphids invaded Myarr, leading to a war between them and the humans. (TV: The Infinite Quest)

The Brilliant was trapped in a time loop and was lost. (PROSE: The Pirate Loop)

The Twelfth Doctor visited the Twist at some point during the 40th century, and helped the Foxkin reveal themselves to the humans who lived there. (COMIC: The Twist)