4-Dimensional Vistas was a comic story featuring the Fifth Doctor. It was the first story to feature the Monk after his final television appearance in 1966.

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The Doctor still feels saddened shock over the death of Fuji. He is about to enter his TARDIS when Angus Goodman, the American Air Force pilot who shot Fuji, pulls a gun on him and informs him that although World War II is still on-going, the date is July 25th, 1963.

Fearing he is lost in a parallel world, the Doctor and Gus take off in the TARDIS. Orbiting Earth, the Doctor sees a magnetic anomaly emanating from near the North Pole has created many parallel worlds. The Doctor and Gus land near the anomaly to find its source is a spaceship. Sneaking into it, they find the Monk and a party of Ice Warriors led by Autek, who are building a giant sonic cannon.

An advanced, secret and surprisingly well informed military group, SAG 3, is also investigating the anomaly. As the Ice Warriors prepare to drop the Doctor into a pit, SAG 3 attacks the ship, frees the Doctor and forces the Ice Warriors to leave Earth. In his TARDIS, the Doctor pursues the Monk's TARDIS through space and time. After a chase through the Time Vortex, the Doctor appears before the Monk, who attempts to materialise in the same spot. Having two TARDISes in the same place and time causes an explosion which destroys the Ice Warrior ship and sends the Monk to another dimension.

Having solved the mystery of the parallel worlds, the Doctor and Gus part ways with SAG 3 and go on to their next adventure. After the TARDIS dematerialises, SAG 3 are left to wonder if they should have told the Doctor that Gus was going to die...

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