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3 September 1752 was the first day purchased by Faction Paradox through the Gregorian Compact for their Eleven-Day Empire. (PROSE: Interference, The Book of the War)

In 1864, Victoria Waterfield and her father, Edward Waterfield, visited Sir Charles Westbrooke, who informed them that he had found a way to reanimate the dead. (PROSE: The Age of Ambition)

In an alternative timeline in 1878, the British Imperial Spacefleet left Earth for the Moon. (PROSE: Imperial Moon)

At 11am in 1939, the United Kingdom and Germany entered into a state of war because Adolf Hitler's government did not withdraw his troops from Poland. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Exodus) Cecelia "Sissy" Pollard, a member of the League of English Fascists and the younger sister of the Eighth Doctor's companion Charley Pollard, committed suicide in Munich as she was extremely distraught at the idea of the two countries which she loved, Britain and Germany, being at war. (AUDIO: A Blind Eye)

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