3Sol was a company in Cardiff serving Sorvix interests.

History Edit

3Sol was owned by Ro-Jedda. (AUDIO: Love Rat) Starting with a modest cleaning contract for the Cardiff City Council, 3Sol soon overtook multiple vital tasks for the mayor's office and Welsh Assembly, including IT, broadband infrastructure, payroll, security and refugee services. Tyler Steele described the portfolio they collected as a perfect position for staging a coup.

3Sol was responsible for painting refugee doors red and blowing up a refuges centre that they were contracted to run, as well as the vigil to remember the victims, for which they were contracted to organise security. Vorsun worked as an operations manager at 3Sol and organised several assassination attempts on Tyler after he came too close to discovering what they were really doing. (AUDIO: Changes Everything)

As part of her plan to have policing outsourced to 3Sol, Ro-Jedda had Professor Helen White hypnotise a number of policemen to stir up their aggression, which was then boosted by radios that she equipped them with. Ro-Jedda succeeded after Andy Davidson shot an unarmed refugee. (AUDIO: The Empty Hand) They were also responsible for staffing Cardiff Bay Intelligent Hotel and Spa. (AUDIO: Superiority Complex)

After the Sorvix fled in the wake of God, the human employees of 3Sol were left without management. (AUDIO: Future Pain) The company went under as a result.

Ben, an employee of 3Sol, took the fire drones and created Oblation after the company went under and he lost his job. (AUDIO: Hostile Environment)

Behind the scenes Edit

The name "3Sol" is a clear allusion to the third planet of the Sol system, Earth.

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