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Years of interest

In the 39th century, the Galactic Federation was in power. (PROSE: Legacy)

The Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire arrived on the Ood Sphere in the 39th century and enslaved them. (TVPlanet of the Ood)

The Fifth Doctor, Adric and Tegan visited the planet Deva Loka in the mid-39th century, where they encounter the Mara. (TVKinda)

Jack Harkness had a relationship with a proto-humanoid Gloobi hybrid in the wastes of Tarsius in the 39th century. (PROSE: Only Human)

The Fourth Doctor obtained a particulate vacuum cleaner in Brazil during the 39th century. (AUDIO: The Fate of Krelos)

By the 39th century, heavy deforestation was carried out on Kepzyr. (PROSE: Frank Reade, Jr.'s Electric Time Canoe)

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