A house at 39 Bannerman Road was constructed in 1865. In the 1880s, Charles, Beatrice and May Burden lived at 39 Bannerman Road along their maid Clara. The house was demolished in 1969. In 1970, a new house was constructed. In 2009, John O'Brien and his parents lived in this house.

One early morning in 2009, the O'Briens' house swapped places with the Burdens' house in November 1884. At first it was only the outside of the houses that was replaced, the inside of the house (DVD play, family photos etc.) remained the same, but then more and more of the house changed. Luke Smith used the Vorgatt defence field emitter to enclose the house and to keep people away from it. Then he used "Police keep out" tape to stop people from bumping into the forcefield.

It turned out that the alien Deathy has locked the criminal Ephnol in time at 39 Bannerman Road while he wanted to find Skak, another criminal. Skak realised that Ephnol was trapped in time. Skak attacked the time trap, to release Ephnol. This was causing time anomalies and the houses were swapping places because of it.

Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer helped Deathy to place the houses into the correct time again. (AUDIO: The Ghost House)

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