Timeline for 3999
40th century

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In 3999, the Intergalactic Olympic Games were held on Micawber's World. A Wirrn hive attempted to use drugs laced with genetic code to spread across the galaxy, but were stopped by the Eighth Doctor. (PROSE: Placebo Effect) Meanwhile, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith travelled to Aquatica for an adventure with Professor Vittorio Levi. (PROSE: War on Aquatica)

Also in this year, Sara Kingdom spent six months on assignment on Venus. At the same time, a future version of her appeared inside the Great Clock, coming from the future together with the First Doctor and Steven Taylor. The three of them were caught by Space Security Service, and Sara, recognised as an agent by the system, was brought for questioning to her own brother, Bret Vyon, and to Mavic Chen, the Guardian of the Solar System. She lied about her presence saying that she wanted to know about the Clock. Both Bret and Mavic Chen satisfied her curiosity, and Chen revealed to her that he was trying to find a way to replace it as an energy source for the Earth Empire. The future Sara, knowing that one year later he would betray Earth and ally with the Daleks, tried to change the future by giving him suggestions. Chen seemed to take her suggestions seriously, but in reality he was just testing her; as a result of this interview, he arranged for her a promotion: Sara was to be transferred to her actual posting, Venus, to Earth in Chen's staff. The future Sara recognised this promotion as the one she received that same year, for reasons she didn't know at the time, and figured out she just contributed to history going on instead of changing it. This despair paradoxically gave her the strength and the force, later that day, to resist the influence of the Clock and destroy it, setting free all the prisoners held inside (included the Doctor and Steven) and causing a technological and economical crisis. (AUDIO: The Guardian of the Solar System)

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