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Years of interest

No information about specific years in the 37th century was known to exist.

In the 37th century, the Third Doctor and Jo Grant arrived on the planet Pakha. They helped the Pakhar rid themselves of the influence of the Diadem, allowing them to become a peaceful culture. (PROSE: Legacy)

The Ninth Doctor took Rose Tyler to the Oriel art gallery in this century. The artist Cazkelf, who helped design the gallery, used the psychic energy of the visiting humanoids, to send a distress signal to Cazkelf's people after he was stranded on Earth. The Doctor created a feedback loop, sending the stolen psychic energy back, and when Cazkelf's people failed to arrive, the Doctor took Cazkelf to his home planet in the TARDIS, where it was long-since barren. Returning to the Oriel, Cazkelf decided to delight and amaze the people with performance art. According to Cazkelf, the recovery of Earth after World War V was "Earth's recent history". (COMIC: Art Attack)