30 Years at the Radiophonic Workshop was a soundtrack containing various sound snippets from the original series of Doctor Who.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

From the very beginning of Doctor Who music and sound effects - whether it be the TARDIS landing or the firing of a Dalek gun - have been integral to the programme's success. Indeed, for millions of people the signature tune to the programme is enough to take them back in time to the days when it was watched from behind the sofa!

This unique collection has been compiled to celebrate Doctor Who's 30th Anniversary and includes music and sound effects covering the entire three decades of the programme, from episodes such as The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Web of Fear right up to Shada and the new Radio Five dramatisation, Paradise of Death.

It features all the favourites as well as some previous 'lost' pieces including The Delaware version of the Signature Tune.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. Original Theme
  2. TARDIS exterior
  3. TARDIS Take-off
  4. Sensorites in Laboratory - The Sensorites
  5. Slyther on the move - The Dalek Invasion of Earth
  6. Death of a Mirebeast - The Chase
  7. Mechanoid - The Chase
  8. Dalek Space Ship Takes Off - The Chase
  9. Dalek Space Ship Lands - The Chase
  10. Chumbley constant run - Galaxy 4
  11. Chumblie at rest - Galaxy 4
  12. Chumblies dies - Galaxy 4
  13. A Few Fish People - The Underwater Menace
  14. Signature Tune: A New Beginning
  15. Propaganda Sleep Machine - The Macra Terror
  16. Macra Control and Macra - The Macra Terror
  17. Destruction of the Daleks - The Evil of the Daleks
  18. Cobweb Mutates - The Web of Fear
  19. Yeti Growls roars and dies - The Web of Fear
  20. Four Yetis Signalling - The Web of Fear
  21. Cybermats attracted to Ship - The Wheel in Space
  22. Start of the Cyber Invasion - The Wheel in Space
  23. Birth of Cybermats - The Wheel in Space
  24. Cybermat killed by Special Sound - The Wheel in Space
  25. Quarks chuckle - The Dominators
  26. Quark Kills - The Dominators
  27. Quark goes beserk and explodes - The Dominators
  28. Kroton Theme with Birth andDeath of a Kroton - The Krotons
  29. Original Sonic Screwdriver - The War Games
  30. Time Zone - The War Games
  31. Sidrat Control - The War Games
  32. Factory with Mechanical and Physiological Autons and Auton Guns - Spearhead from Space
  33. Signature Tune: 'The Delaware' version
  34. TARDIS Lands
  35. Threat to Sarah - The Sontaran Experiment
  36. Sonic Screwdriver (multi-purpose mode)
  37. Wirrn in the Infrastructure - The Ark in Space
  38. Void - Masque of Madragora
  39. Shuttle Landing Sequence - The Invisible Enemy
  40. Fendahl Shuffle and Slobber - Image of the Fendahl
  41. Vardan materialises and shimmers - The Invasion of Time
  42. K9 Probe and Gun - The Invasion of Time
  43. TARDIS Doors - The Invasion of Time
  44. White Guardian's Windbells - The Ribos Operation
  45. An Ogri About - Stones of Blood
  46. Pouring Crystals - Stones of Blood
  47. Attack on War Room - The Armageddon Factor
  48. Doctor's repair to Tardis Central Column Fails - The Horns of Nimon
  49. Foamasi Voices - The Leisure Hive
  50. Doors - Meglos
  51. Reactivation and Laboratory Rises - Meglos
  52. Dodecahedron Beams - Meglos
  53. Marshmen emerge from the Mistfall - Full Circle
  54. Timewinds - Warrior's Gate
  55. Tardis Landing Bleep
  56. Cloister Bell - Castrovalva
  57. March of the Victims - Terminus
  58. Search, Capture and Display Dolls - The Five Doctors
  59. Scrolls Self-destruct - The Five Doctors
  60. Borussa destroyed - The Five Doctors
  61. Merkur passes - Warriors of the Deep
  62. Sea-Devils Energising Chamber inside Silurian Rock - Warriors of the Deep
  63. Exploding River of Mud - The Caves of Androzani
  64. Timelash: Music Suite - Timelash
  65. Tissue Compression Eliminator - Trial of a Time Lord
  66. Limbo Atrophier - Trial of a Time Lord
  67. Drinks Machine - Paradise Towers
  68. Transformer Machine - Delta and the Bannermen
  69. Sonic Cone switch on and Detonate - Delta and the Bannermen
  70. Bees - Delta and the Bannermen
  71. Singing trees with Dragon Shotsand Two Nitro-9 Bombs - Dragonfire
  72. Confuser Machine - Remembrance of the Daleks
  73. Baseball Bat hits Daleks - Remembrance of the Daleks
  74. Big Dalek Gun - Remembrance of the Daleks
  75. Doctor in Time Tunnel - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
  76. Cybership lands, doors open - Silver Nemesis
  77. Statue - Silver Nemesis
  78. Execution Sequence - The Happiness Patrol
  79. Letters burnt on Crypt Wall - The Curse of Fenric
  80. Phial breaks, gas escapes - The Curse of Fenric
  81. Energy bursts - Battlefield
  82. Bessie drives off - Battlefield
  83. Transmaterialisation - Survival
  84. Light petrifies victims - Ghostlight
  85. Bird Nightmare - Ghostlight
  86. Sphere - Shada
  87. Paradise of Death - Paradise of Death
  88. Closing Theme

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Most of the track listings were listed with the corresponding stories they were from. The original spellings of all the tracks has been maintained.
  • The cover notes state:

Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills provided all the special sounds for the entire series, whilst Delia Derbyshire created (or 'realised' as we like to say) the audible theme from Ron Grainer's original score. Peter Howell transformed the Theme at the time of the Workshop's total commitment of sounds and incidental music, whilst Elizabeth Parker can now hold her head a little higher with this eventual release of her incidental music for 'Timelash'.

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