30 Oak Street was, according to the address on an envelope Madame Vastra sent to Clara Oswald, the Chiswick home of George Maitland and his children, Artie and Angie. (TV: The Name of the Doctor) Following the death of Mrs Maitland, it was, for at least the years of 2012 and 2013, Clara's home, whilst she acted as a temporary nanny for Maitland's children. (TV: The Bells of Saint John) It was also a place that the Eleventh Doctor frequented, typically on Wednesdays. (TV: Nightmare in Silver)

By the Christmas of 2013, Clara was no longer living with the Maitlands, as she had settled into a flat in Hackney. (TV: The Time of the Doctor, COMIC: The Fractures)

Behind the scenes Edit

Although the name of the street was not revealed until The Name of the Doctor, the house number was clearly visible in both day and nighttime exterior shots in The Bells of Saint John.

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