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On 30 March 1853, Vincent van Gogh was born. (PROSE: Vincent van Gogh, The Time Lord Letters)

In 1963, Susan Foreman encountered John Brent outside of school for the first time. From his blushes, she was under the impression that he liked her. She and Gillian Roberts later when to see the film Saturday Night and Sunday Morning at the Rialto, although they had to dress up as adults to be let in. Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright went to the same showing.

That afternoon, as part of her usual Saturday routine, she picked up a six-year-old Malcolm from his mother's newsagent's shop to babysit him. A soldier called Malcolm a "golliwog" and said that he should "go back where 'e came from". Susan complained to a sergeant, who was unsympathetic.

At night, Susan and Gillian went to yet another picture: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner with Tom Courtenay. On their way home, Zack of the Ton-Up Boys gang threatened the duo with a switch knife — which turned out to actually be a comb, with "enough grease on it to fry bacon".

After disappointing Gillian by letting the name of their school slip to the gangster, Susan made her way back to the TARDIS when she began to realise that there was a cold, non-terrestrial intelligence watching over her. Fearing for herself and her grandfather, she raced to the TARDIS and stayed there. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

In 1981, John Hinckley Jr tried to assassinate American President Ronald Reagan. (PROSE: The Assassin's Story)

In 2596, Earth declared Dellah a no-go zone following its "infection" by the gods. Christine Summerfield had a newspaper dated to 30 March 2596 with a front-page article about the Dellah crisis. (PROSE: Dead Romance)