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On 2 April 1963, Coal Hill Secondary School surprisingly began its day as usual as if the Cold hadn't began their attack on mankind and killed much of the school's staff and students the day previous. Susan Foreman, Gillian Roberts, John Brent and John's father, having slept in the school following the attack, persuaded the children to go home, and the teachers accompanied them on their way.

With no other choice, the group made their way to 76 Totter's Lane to see the First Doctor, the one man who could help them. On their way, the Cold's soldiers, known as Cold Knights, attacked, and Captain Brent sacrificed himself to save Gillian. The three children, now on their own, continued walking and found a place to stay: the Wimpy Bar.

After sheltering there for a few hours with several others, the children, now allied with Zack, left the restaurant. Passing through the Pump, they finally reached Totter's Lane. Unfortunately, the Doctor was not willing to defy the Time Lords' laws against meddling with time, thus refusing to save the humans. The Cold were the previous owners of the planet, and thus had every right to rid their world of the humans who'd taken it from them. However, when Malcolm presented him with a gonk, an imaginative toy of humanity's, the Doctor realised that the species was worth saving, and sent the Cold to Pluto, a habitable planet for them where they couldn't touch the humans. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

In 2040, Imogen Quaye read an article in the "On-line Journal of Cognitive Engineering" about how Alzheimer's disease was cured by the Lashley Institute. She got access to her own file, and edited it to list her species as cavia porcellusguinea pig. (PROSE: Artificial Intelligence)