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The Sixth Doctor and Charley Pollard arrived in Manchester on 29 February 2008 and found a dead body. When a local called the police, DI Patricia Menzies arrested the Doctor on suspicion of murder. The removal of a DNA patch on the victim, Gregory Bailey, revealed that he was secretly a Shinx. His murder had been arranged by himself and his wife. After the case was solved with Sam as the killer, DCI Turnbull began to suspect that the Doctor was involved in some capacity. Now on good terms, the Doctor left on Menzies' advice with Charley. (AUDIO: The Condemned)

Behind the scenes

Though not noted in the DWU, 29 February is the last possible day in the month even on leap years such as 2008. One episode of Torchwood, though — Adrift — very nearly contradicted this. At around the 16 minute mark, a card is seen with the name Bamri Aygon, her date of birth being listed as 30/2/83. Not only is 30 February not an existing calendar date, but 1983 wasn't a leap year — meaning that the last possible date in that month was the 28th, not even the 29th. However, this being a production error, this wiki does not consider the information listed on the envelope as valid.

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