The 27th Galaxy was a galaxy in which the planet Esmera was located.

On 16 October 2612, Captain Rod Marlow was ordered by Agent Meric Scrivener of Unispace Security to make a sweepsurvey of Esmera as reports had been received that the Daleks had landed on the planet and built Interferer Beams to block all radio waves on Earth and the surrounding planets. Marlow discovered six incomplete Interferer machines but after another sweep of the planet returned to see them fully completed. However, he soon ran into difficulty and was forced to evacuate his damaged ship, the Gypsy Joe. After approaching the construction site, Marlow discovered an Orbitus that had been ordered to protect the Interferer Beams. After discovering rust and fearing damage, the Orbitus deconstructed and rebuilt the machines every day. Marlow reprogrammed the Orbitus to obey only human commands and ordered it to destroy the Interferer Beams. (PROSE: The Log of the "Gypsy Joe")

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