Timeline for 2775
28th century

• 2781

In 2775, the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Jack paid a visit to the colony world of Arkannis Major. There, they found a society in revolt. Hal Gryden's Static TV pre-empted the thirty-six "real" channels — which only broadcast the news and non-scripted programming. This appeared to increase the incidence of people going "fantasy crazy". The police stormed the Big White House, a sort of asylum for the fantasy crazy, which ended the riots by force.

What really pacified the people was the revelation that a senior police official, Inspector Waller, was herself fantasy crazy. This allowed the colony's officials to understand that it was an actionable disease, rather than just "people going crazy". Further scientific study, aided by the Doctor, uncovered the fact the condition wasn't psychological, but caused by micro-organisms. A medical cure was swiftly concocted, the colony had elections for a new government a few months later and Channel One began broadcasting its first scripted drama series in ages. (PROSE: The Stealer of Dreams)
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