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On 26 July 1794, Barbara Wright brought Susan Foreman, sick with a fever, to a trusted doctor to be treated. Unfortunately for them, the doctor was not to be trusted. The physician, claiming to be retrieving his leeches, fetched the French revolutionaries to capture them. Ian Chesterton was too tricked and captured. Lemaitre, suspicious that the First Doctor might be a "traitor", gave him Barbara to question. Lemaitre, however, had to leave immediately to report to Reunited, they formed a plan. The Doctor, proposing a fake plan to the jailer to capture her after she led them to her base, set Barbara free. When he attempted to free Susan, he was caught by Lemaitre, who revealed that he knew he was an impostor from the start. The two men struck a deal: if the Doctor would lead Lemaitre to the counter-revolutionaries' base, Lemaitre would release Susan. (TV: "A Bargain of Necessity")

When they reached the base, the group of counter-revolutionaries found out that Lemaitre was in fact on their side — his real name was James Stirling, the man to whom Ian was told to send a message. The message was that Stirling was to return to England, but also something about Paul Barras, a meeting and "the sinking ship". Late that night, Barras met with Napoléon Bonaparte at the inn called the Sinking Ship. Ian was undercover as the landlord of the inn, Barbara as a serving woman and Jules Renan as a guest. (TV: "Prisoners of Conciergerie")

In 2202, the Eighth Doctor spent all day looking at a kaleidoscope. (PROSE: Seeing I)

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