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The 2600s were a period of history which was heavily altered by the actions of Irving Braxiatel in an effort to resurrect his people after they suffered a great catastrophe. Bernice Summerfield was also highly active in this decade, having many adventures over its course. Both Braxiatel and Summerfield spent most of the 2600s based in the Braxiatel Collection.

Not all of the major changes to history in the 2600s were caused by Braxiatel; the Daleks secretly supported the Fifth Axis in the early years of the decade, allowing the Axis to become a major galactic military power. (AUDIO: Death and the Daleks) However, the Draconian-Mim War in the mid-2600s was caused by Braxiatel. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information) Near the end of the decade, Braxiatel's manipulations began causing events which would culminate in the Deindum War of 2610. (AUDIO: Secret Origins, Escaping the Future)

Some parts of the universe were using Mazumas in the 2600s. (AUDIO: The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy)

Major companies in the 2600s included the Interplanetary Mining Corporation (AUDIO: Benny's Story, Beyond the Sea) and Galaxo-Starbucks-Disney. (AUDIO: Beyond the Sea)

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