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On 25 July 1987, Harry Harvey made his weekly trip to Smithfield Cemetery, a cruising ground for gay men. There, he witnessed the violent murder of Simon Jenkins, and sustained a significant knife wound himself. Someone — maybe something — he couldn't fully identify scared away Jenkins' murderer before Harvey himself was killed. Fearful of awkward questions at a hospital, he chose to stitch his wound up himself. (PROSE: Damaged Goods)

In Paris in 1794, Barbara Wright and Susan Foreman were sent in the morning to be guillotined. Luckily for them, their transport was hijacked by Jean and Jules Renan, who took the two back to the group's safehouse. They were taken care of there. Ian Chesterton, meanwhile, was able to sneak out of the Conciergerie where he was being kept when the jailer accidentally left his keys behind. At this time, the Doctor arrived in Paris and exchanged his outfit for something that would help him better fit in with the French. Pretending to be a regional officer, he inquired about his friends, and was pleased to find that they had all escaped. However, he was caught in his own lies, and Lemaitre, a man of real authority, invited him to join him and French Revolution leader Maximilien Robespierre. With no other choice, the Doctor met with the man, and managed to get away with his lack of knowledge about the southern province. However, Robespierre requested another visit the following day. Once they returned late that night, the man from whom the Doctor had acquired his new outfit presented Lemaitre with supposed proof of the old man being a traitor. (TV: The Reign of Terror)

While on a fishing trip to an island in the Pacific Ocean in 1963, the Fifth Doctor discovered that the TARDIS had materialised in an alternative timeline in which World War II had never ended. After being held at gunpoint by an American fighter pilot native to this timeline named Angus "Gus" Goodman, the Doctor offered him the chance to get off the island, which was Japanese territory. Goodman accepted the Doctor's offer and became a short-lived companion. (COMIC: Lunar Lagoon, 4-Dimensional Vistas) However, he was killed by the Moderator, a hitman in the employ of Josiah W. Dogbolter, before he could be returned to the United States of America in his timeline. (COMIC: The Moderator)

Camden's Summer All Nighter took place on 25 July 2009. (TV: The Stolen Earth)

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