Timeline for 2594
26th century | 2590s

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In 2594, Professor Bernice Summerfield published Devil Gate Drive: The Influence of The Descent of Inanna on Twentieth Century Popular Culture. (PROSE: Walking to Babylon) She also visited her homeworld, Beta Caprisis, but found it so heavily bombed and irradiated it was uninhabitable. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

Sul Starren was killed by a corporate assassin on They're All Nouns You Idiot. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

On 14 January, Benny was found in terrible shape on the planet Tyler's Folly. (PROSE: Down) In the summer, Benny and Chris Cwej returned to Mega City. (PROSE: Mean Streets)

A new edition of the Forrester family history was published. (PROSE: Secret of the Black Planet)
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