Timeline for 2593
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On 8 May 2593, the newly-regenerated Eighth Doctor dropped off Professor Bernice Summerfield and Wolsey at her new home, Garland College Hall of Residence at St Oscar's University. (PROSE: The Dying Days)

2593 was also the year that Nicholas Clyde completed his doctorate in history and accepted a professorship at St Oscar's. It was therefore the year he met and began to adventure with Bernice Summerfield. Benny and Clyde travelled to Stanturus Three to look at the Gamalian dragon statue. (PROSE: Dragons' Wrath)

Benny also took her students on some field trips during the year. On one occasion, Benny, her tutorial group and a handful of other St Oscar's University professors spent three weeks on the planet Perfecton. Just as they left for Dellah, Perfecton was destroyed when its sun went nova. (PROSE: Oh No It Isn't!) On another, she led a group of first-year archaeology students on a special latecomers' field trip. (PROSE: Beyond the Sun)

At some point during the year, Benny was "persuaded" to undertake a mission for business tycoon Marcus Krytell. (PROSE: Ship of Fools)

On 18 November, sea serpents were spotted on Tyler's Folly. (PROSE: Dead Romance)

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