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On 24 November 2119, Richard Pritchard was killed by the "ghosts" of Albar Prentis and Jonathan Moran, to become a ghost himself to function as a transmitter for a spaceship's coordinates inside the Drum. After the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald arrived in the Drum and investigated the ghosts, the Doctor, Mason Bennett and Alice O'Donnell were cut off from Clara, Cass and Tim Lunn. Unable to reach Clara, the Doctor and his group went on to the TARDIS to travel back to before the military town was flooded. (TV: Under the Lake)

According to Joan Wright, in 1963, the police were informed about the disappearance of Barbara Wright. They quickly discovered that Ian Chesterton had gone missing, too. Joan mentioned that the day she disappeared, Barbara had loaned a book on the French Revolution to one of her students, leading them to find that Susan Foreman had disappeared as well, and that the address she had given at the school was false. (PROSE: A Long Night)

A year later, Joan awoke from a dream she shared with Barbara, in which Barbara told her she was all right, she was travelling, and she'd be home soon. Remembering the dream, she laughed and cried at the same time. (PROSE: A Long Night)

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