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24 Crawford Street was the eighth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas. It was written by Ian Farrington. It featured the Seventh Doctor and Mel.


The Doctor and Mel have been separated. Mel ends up in 1935, while the Doctor is in 1995.

Mel knocks at the door of the Gregson household on Christmas Eve, looking for the Doctor. They let her in out of the storm, and because she can't find her friend, they let her stay the night.

Meanwhile, the Doctor meets Professor Michael Gregson, who is investigating the ruins of a house that burned down years before. Something has drawn him to this home.

After Mel helps put the children to bed, the house catches on fire. Mel helps to rescue Sarah, but can't get to Michael.

The Doctor and Professor Gregson notice an unburned section of ground. It is square-shaped, and the Doctor knows what he has to do.

As Sarah, her parents and Mel try to get to Michael, the Doctor arrives in the TARDIS to rescue them. Julia and James refuse to go without their son, but the Doctor explains that Michael will be fine — the Doctor has met him alive and well in 1995.



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