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24 Carat[2] was a Doctor Who minisode written by Pete McTighe and released in 2021. Labelled a mini-episode and entity unto itself by its creator McTighe,[1] it was released as part of A Business Proposal for Mel!, a longer YouTube webcast which also included a trailer for the Season 24 Doctor Who blu-ray (packaged in between the two halves of the minisode, acting as a sort of ad break) and interview clips with various actors who had appeared in Season 24.

The webcast was notable for featuring the live-action return of Bonnie Langford to the part of Melanie Bush (which she had previously reprised in audio format with Big Finish) and also featured Sylvester McCoy reprising his incarnation of the Doctor.


Several investors visit Melanie Bush to propose business ventures, and a mysterious old friend returns....


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The Doctor Who series[]


  • This marked Sylvester McCoy's first official live-action return to the part of the Seventh Doctor since the 1996 TV movie (although he had reprised the part in audio plays as well as in a variety of unlicensed live-action productions, such as the film Gene Genius).
  • In an article in DWM 561, Pete McTighe stated that Edward Peel was playing Kane's twin brother.


  • Drinking Fountain's business proposal for Mel is Paradise Towers as a hotel. Mel mentions the Towers' previous reputation, to which Drinking Fountain replies that "most" of the robotic cleaners aren't homicidal anymore. (TV: Paradise Towers)