Timeline for 2472
25th century

2466 • 2468 • 2471

By 2472, the human colony on Uxarieus was in what the Third Doctor diagnosed as terminal decline. They could not produce enough foodstuffs to reliably support themselves and their legal claim to the planet was in dispute. The Interplanetary Mining Corporation believed they, in fact, had a superior claim to the planet. Moreover, both groups came into conflict with the native Uxarieans.

The Doctor uses an entertainment console to learn about living conditions on Earth. (TV: Colony in Space)

The Master tried to navigate between the three groups to gain control of the Uxariean Doomsday Weapon. He was stopped by the Third Doctor and Jo Grant — who also successfully countered the IMC threat and ensured the colony would have sustainable growth from this year forward.

On a personal level for Jo, 2472 was also the first year to which she travelled in the TARDIS. (TV: Colony in Space)

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