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On 23 July 1794, the First Doctor, Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright arrived near Paris. The Doctor was actually aiming his TARDIS for London, 1963. The TARDIS crew found an old safe house being used by a group of French counter-revolutionaries. When revolutionaries surrounded the house, they killed their enemies and, thinking them among the counter-revolutionaries, took the Doctor's companions hostage as proof as their conquest. The revolutionaries set fire to the house, not knowing that the Doctor himself lay unconscious in it. (TV: "A Land of Fear") Fortunately, Jean-Pierre recovered the Doctor from the fire before it was too late, and he set off to Paris to find his friends. (TV: "Guests of Madame Guillotine")

In 1991, Melanie Bush returned to Brighton after travelling with the Sixth and Seventh Doctors. (PROSE: Missing, Part One: Business as Usual)

In 2012, Jane McKillen was drawn by Chloe Webber — under the control of an Isolus — and seemingly disappeared into thin air. She actually lived on as a pencil drawing on Chloe's wall, only to be finally freed on the 27th. (TV: Fear Her)

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