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22 March




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On Wednesday, 22 March 2011, on the plane ride to America they started the day before, Lyn Peterfield poisoned Jack Harkness with arsenic in his cola. Gwen Cooper, Rex Matheson and all those on-board managed to cure him just in time with EDTA, made on the plane from (amongst other things) silver, cyanide and degreaser.

Meanwhile, Oswald Danes made his first television appearance on the news show WWCN, where he cried his apology for Susie Cabina's murder. He soon became a public phenomenon, a political symbol. Jilly Kitzinger approached him, the start of a partnership that would lead to Danes' prominence during the Miracle Day phenomenon.

In Washington, Esther Drummond found out that $50,000 was deposited to her bank account as a bribe from the Families in Shanghai.

When Jack and company arrived in Washington Dulles International Airport at 6:13 pm, Rex too found a bribe sent to his account — for him, $100,000. After attacking the whole CIA team accompanying them, the newly reformed Torchwood team found themselves once again on the run. (TV: Rendition)[1]


  1. The text informing Rex of the money transfer has the date and time marked.
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